About Us



William & Maximilien @BMW in Munich

We are two lads who have set up a new brand mixing Mud, Rugby and Business (with a little help from our Dad!). We hope you will share our passion for the game and enjoy shopping with Mud Attack.

We started with our first product being some great "match ready" Rugby Balls, in sizes 3,4 & 5. These come either individually or in a set of 5 with each ball incorporating an IPSDR value! We have now added some great 100% cotton hoodies and (we think) the best rugby shorts going, again 100% cotton with pockets. Very soon we are going to add the funkiest Rugby Socks you will be able to find! All our products carry the IPSDR values!

What is IPSDR?

IPSDR represents the core rugby values as defined by the World Union

Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline and Respect.

Each of our rugby balls incorporate one of the values. We think they will be great for coaches to enforce the core values of our game.

If anyone has any ideas of what you would like to see us add to the line up then drop us a message. We would love to hear from you. Make sure to check out our Blog for regular updates and to leave your comments and please follow us on Twitter under #mudattackrugby. We also have an Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook profile.

Thanks for visiting & Enjoy your shopping experience!

Best Regards William & Maximilien

Mud Attack is a registered Trademark, My Lucky Socks is a registered trademark and our new ball decoration "Dual Vortex" is a registered design