What will my credit card statement show when billed? We are a UK based company so all our transactions are in UK Pounds. If buying from overseas you will be billed at the day's prevailing rate of exchange as defined by your credit card company.

What if I am not happy with my purchase? We have a detailed and fair return policy but to keep it simple just reach out to us and we will try to remedy any problems and if not able to do so we will refund if you are not happy. But our Dad says the return policy must be followed!

Why did you call your brand Mud Attack? Well we think Mud is an essential ingredient of Rugby and Attack is the best way to win, hence Mud Attack!

Will you expand the range? Yes we have plans to add additional products as we grow. We have funded Mud Attack ourselves so we wanted to start small and build up a loyal following of supporters. We are already preparing production of some great rugby shorts and fleeces.

Can you produce dedicated team kit orders? Yes we are planning to add this service as soon as possible. We work with a number of creative designers which will allow us to add this service as we grow.

What does IPSDR mean and why do you refer to it in your branding? We firmly believe that Rugby instills values for life and IPSDR was inspired from the World Union defining the core values of the game, namely Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline & Respect. We adopted this idea in our branding for our own use with the IPSDR initials. We hope you like it!