Match Rugby Ball IPSDR Range


  • Product Details

Product Details

Our Match ready rugby ball comes in 5 versions and would be ideal for Coaches who wish to reinforce the core Values of Rugby in a fun and innovative way.

  • Each of the balls in the series incorporate one of the World Rugby Body Core values, Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline and Respect. Values that we endorse.
  • Quality hand stitched and made from Synthetic Rubber with superior grip standard for ultimate handling.
  • The Size 5 ball is manufactured with a 4 layer backing of high quality Polyester, high air retention inseam bladder and is Match ready.
  • The size 3 ball (for U7s,U8s & U9s) & size 4 ball (U10s, U11s, U12s, U13s & U14s) are 3 ply with normal bladder and are ideal for Mini & Youth Rugby, both for Match and Training.
  • The IPSDR series offers Coaches the opportunity to innovate in drills whilst enforcing the core rugby values in a fun way.
  • Our Supplier has been D&B audited, Accredited by the US International Accreditation Organisation and does not employ Child Labour.
  • Prices are in UK Sterling and if ordering from overseas you will be billed at the prevailing rate of exchange on your credit card

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